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Below are are some online tools that greatly help your process for executing elements needed for your brand. A lot of them are FREE or have FREE trials! 

22 Social

22 Social

A great platform to utilize some strategic Facebook marketing. Simple to use and launch promotions and help build your FB fanpage likes!

Graphics Made Easy!

A simple web based program, where you can make beautiful graphics for all your social media platforms in just minutes! 

An awesome online photo editor where you can alter your images you blogs, fan pages & more! Goodbye long hours on photoshop! 

Simple Web Building & e-Commerce Platforms

Awesome tool to develop websites that want to display photo portfolios in a simple clean way. They also have 14 day free trial!

Personally, one of the most underrated all in website builders. Very user friendly, even if you don't have a lot of computer experience. Offers a lot at the "FREE" level.

Great e-commerce platform that allows you to quickly & easily launch a scalable e-commerce website. Recommended if you’re starting a new e-commerce business.

volusion_logo copy.png

One of Shopify’s better competitors, if you have something against them. I’ve never used them, but I’ve heard good things

In my personal opinion, one of the best e-Commerce services out there. A few big name fashion brands use it as well!

A simple and niched e-Commerce platform that focuses on buying & selling vintage items. Charges per item sold, no monthly fees.

Back up storage!

A simple and basic option to back up all your work! You start off with 2GB just for signing up. We always love FREE!

More advanced and encrypted backup service. Better package choices than dropbox & also provides phone customer service.